Scale of difficulty

Routes and Tours Classification by difficulty class

Information of the difficulty are important tools for tour preparation. In the following, we have compiled the most important scales.

Mountaintrails classification:
Hiking Trails:

The basic color of the signs is yellow, in exceptional cases - in case of increased danger - there are additionally danger signs in the form of pictograms (for example, stamping, crash etc.) on the signs. No mining experience and mining equipment necessary

Mountain Trails:
The basic color is yellow with additional difficulty indication in red or black for medium difficult and difficult mountain trails

  • red (medium difficulty) mountain paths assume:
    alpine experience
    appropriate physical condition
    minimum mountain equipment
  • black (difficult) mountain paths:
    the same prerequisite as for red mountain trails
    additional dizziness

Classification of the Swiss Alpine Club:
SAC Mountain- and Alpine Wakingscale
SAC Snowshoes tours