Travel Insurance

helps to avoid trouble and problems

Travel cancellation insurance is required for all our events. You can either choose your own travel cancellation policy and send us a payment confirmation or you can notify us to take out travel insurance for you.

A confirmation of proof of insurance needs to be available and sent to us by the time of departure. Here is the link to our professional partner, the European Travel insurance.

Obligatory- travel insurance standard- download
Recommended- travel insurance complete- download
Alternative- Cancellation protection- download

Travel insurance through your credit card:
Some credit cards include travel insurance. Note that insurance coverage is usually linked to prerequisites.
Here are the most important questions to clarify with your credit card provider: 

  • What is the required amount of expenses in order to be insured in case of travel cancellation due to illness etc. during my trip?
  • In what time frame before the claim does the credit card have to be used?
  • Which other conditions apply for insurance protection?
  • What else is insured through my credit card? Does protection include foreign travel insurance?
  • Does it include interruption coverage?
  • What kind of trips do I have cancellation protection for?
  • What are the deductibles?
  • Who can benefit from the various insurance services- do they apply only to me as a card holder or to family members as well?
  • Do some benefits, such us foreign travel insurance, only apply to the card holder and do travelling family members need to take out their own insurance?